Welcome to the Lofty Aim Archery Club
Established in summer 2011, it is based in Newham, the heart of East London, in the most multi-cultural borough in the UK. We first started of with a humble beginning, hiring a small hall in Forest Gate, within 6 month we moved to our current location, ‘The Shade Centre’ in Manor Park. We are proud to say that we are one of the only clubs in the UK to have its own dedicated venue with full club equipment.
To date we have run beginner’s courses and certified over 110 people, men, women and children. Also have held ‘Open Days’ with over 500 people who have tried archery through us.
We pray that God Almighty will use this club to benefit the community.

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Lofty Aim Archery Club
Lofty Aim is one of the few GNAS registered clubs in the East of London, it has its own dedicated, fully equipped shooting range, capable of the indoor ‘Portsmouth’ competition level shooting.

Community Engagement Through Archery
Archery being a Sunnah, we wish to create a platform so people from all walks of life can appreciate its benefit. We often hold ‘OPEN DAYS’ for everyone to try Archery at least once in their life.

Certified Archery Beginner’s Courses
We regularly run courses to allow new people to take on archery as seriously. These are 8 hours of training on operating the equipment with the relevant safety procedures as required by GNAS.